Zilbeetha was a beautiful maiden who somehow angered an evil mage, and was placed under enchantment and turned into a crystal orb on the very day that she was to be wed.

The heartbroken groom (nowadays is always depicted holding a fragile bloom), sought help from the wizard's goodly twin. The good wizard turned the groom to stone, that he might stay young until the day Zilbeetha was returned to him. The legend also has an ominous note; returning a false orb would result in death.

By the year 883 GUE the story had become oldest and dearest legends in the annals of Quendor. It was revealed to be true fact, and was concluded on a happy note. The adventurer who would eventually become the first Dungeon Master was able to find the orb of Zilbeetha deep underground in the Eastlands, and return it to the groom's statue, near the Flathead Fjord.

The loving couple was finally reunited, and lived happily ever after.