Wurb Flathead was the son of Idwit Oogle Flathead and the 12th and final king in the Flathead dynasty.

Born on Oracle 3rd, he assumed the throne in 881 GUE, becoming King of Quendor, Protector of the Empire, Ruler of all the Known Lands. Wurb did his best to fight off the Curse of Megaboz (delayed for 94 years) and his inevitable downfall. His most notable act as king was to offer one half of the wealth of the kingdom to anyone who could forestall the Curse.

His reign came to an abrupt end on the 14th of Mumberbur, 883 GUE, when the Curse finally succeeded in destroying the reign of the Flatheads. Wurb lost his throne and moved somewhere else.

Wurb has been given bad press by those who feel that his remarkable feeble-mindedness was responsible for the fall of the Great Underground Empire.

Preceded by:
Idwit Oogle Flathead
881 GUE - 883 GUE Followed by:
None; First Dungeon Master inherited the Empire