The Timeless Halls is the name given to a timeless, dimensionless void; home to all universes. They were created by Eru The One. The Timeless Halls were divided into two courts, the Inner Halls and the Outer Halls; the Inner being the most holy of the two.

The One created parallel spiritual plains for each universe; these dimensions were called Ethereal Plains, extensions of the Outer Halls. Above each of these plains, The One created and appointed one set of immortal Upper Echelons per universe — a hierarchy of three powers for the enforcement, upkeep, and continual maintenance of all of the laws that The One had fashioned. The highest in authority over each universe is the Control Character, a nearly incomprehensible being with authority just below The One. Below the Control Character is the Autoexec, and below the Autoexec is The Powers That Be. The One also created an initial body of wise spiritual beings throughout each universe. From the Ethereal Plains, under the supervision of the Upper Echelons, these Implementors were given many powers: the ability to use the building blocks which Eru had already shaped to create and destroy, to forge history, even to build and regulate the planets, including the implementation of the terrain, plants and animals for each plane to which they were assigned.

The One gifted the Upper Echelons and the Implementors with the ability to take upon themselves a physical form to deliver the voice of his/her will unto all creation. While the Upper Echelons dwelt in the Inner Halls, the lesser Implementors were not permitted inside these deeper realms. When the rudiments of a certain universe was manifested, Eru who rules the Timeless Halls, conceived from his/her own belly, the Great Brogmoids to hold up each of the planets created by the Implementors. One of these planets, stemming beneath the Ethereal Plains known as Atrii and Irina, was called Zork.