Thomas alva
Thomas Alva Flathead (730–789) was a son of King Mumberthrax and one of the Twelve Flatheads. He was an Inventor Extraordinaire, having masterfully applied the magical arts to the creation of practical devices.

He was torented by his older siblings who snatched his toys from him. He resolved to inventing powerful steel traps camouflaged as toy boats or stuffed dornbeasts, displaying his early brilliance.

As an adult he had his laboratory in Froblo Park and produced numbers of inventions which were marketed by FrobozzCo International, such as the magic room spinner, the magic compressor and his battery-powered brass lantern, as well as a yellowish-green potion which allows humans to talk to plants, one of his breakthroughs in the area of personally-ingested magic.

Although FrobozzCo provided him with generous royalties, he spurned wealth and preferred to sleep on an unfinished wooden board in his small room behind his lab.

He died in 789 GUE from a severe case of splinters, caused by the Curse of Megaboz.