The Cluster, also known as Feebo's Folly, is a football-sized concentration of pure Illumynite of odd color, that emitted strange sounds and energies. Originally found by the Dwarven miner, Feebo in the year 1620 GUE. Due to its marvelous brilliance, it was set aside as a good luck symbol, then, when an anticipated vein of Illumynite failed to appear; it was named Feebo's Folly. Eventually, more illumynite was found, but by that time it was too late; Feebo did not live to see his discovery become a valued building material and light source.

As time moved on, Illumynite became a dominant mining material. The miners were perplexed about the fact that the new illumynite they found, didn't have the same attributes as The Cluster. It would lose its glow when exposed to sunlight or heat; while The Cluster never lost its illuminating qualities. The Cluster was later renamed Feebo's Fancy Find and eventually became a relic placed for view at Bel Naire Temple.

The Cluster was later stolen by Canuk, the news about the theft were publicly announced by the East Shanbar Times on Dismembur 14, 1635 GUE. Eventually, the Cluster turned out to be concentration of evil magic, (see Morphius).