Rebus original
A Rebus is an illustration whose component pictures spell out a word or words, usually through the addition and subtraction of sounds or letters.

The most famous creator of rebi was the enigmatic Frobesius Fublius, whose works were set recently on display in Flatheadia Castle. That particular rebus was initially covered by six flattened images of animals: slime monster, fish, goose, snake, mouse and camel. There were key-shaped buttons around the Eastlands which magically would remove the animals one by one, revealing the full image.

Locations of the buttons were:

The image of the rebus forms the following words:

  • Tie + bird - b = TIRED
  • Pie + N = PINE
  • Eye + Urn = IRON
  • Mind - D = MINE
  • W + Oar = WORE
  • Match + Chick = MAGIC
  • Storm - M = STORE

The words complete a poem written in Megaboz's hut.

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