Miznia is a chiefly jungle province, located at the southern fringe of the Westlands near Mithicus and Thriff and south to Gurth. Its capital is Mizniaport. It is known for the strong wines.

This jungle is a dangerous breeding ground of bloodworms, hellhounds, crocodiles, and hungi and was for many years the resting place of Y'Syska's Crocodile's Tear. Survivors of the jungle came back to report that the Crocodile's Tear rested on a large idol (more likely a remnant of a forgotten religion) in the shape of a Crocodile the size of a subway train.

Pin-up model Ursula Flathead was Miss Miznia on 878 GUE.

A noted tourist attraction is the Miznia Jungle Skyway. Trained guides are hired at least Zm8 per day to accompany tourists in the jungle.

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