Lucy Flathead

Lucy Flathead

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Lucy Flathead was a telepathic member of the House of Flathead. A member of the Resistance movement against the Magical Inquisition, the Magical Underground, she was caught by two guards defacing Inquisition propaganda. She was summarily totemized and left in a bin at the Perils of Magic exhibit inside Steppinthrax Monastery.

She was eventually rescued from the bin in 1067 GUE by a traveling vacuum salesperson. Her essence was sent through a time tunnel to a pre-Inquisition Port Foozle. There, she met Antharia Jack, and defeated him at a game of Strip Grue, Fire, Water. In lieu of removing his underwear, Jack gave her the missing Cube of Foundation instead. The Walking Castle arrived to carry Lucy and the Cube away.

When the Grand Inquisitor was defeated, and magic returned to the Empire, Lucy was crowned queen and reunited with Jack. She proceeded to explain time travel to him in private.