Build by Entharion the Wise back in the foundation of the Kingdom of Quendor.

Located on the coast of Frobozz, at the western shore of the Great Sea, east to the Lonely Mountain, a local village, and the Old Lingolf House near the ancient cities of Galepath and Mareilon

It served as the capital of the kingdom for the duration of the Entharion Dynasty, up to 660 GUE and the Castle is full of items of historical interest. It has a remarkable library and portrait gallery, and it is magically connected to other parts of the kingdom. The dungeon at Largoneth was the holding place of the Unseen Terror for many years.

After the capital was moved to Egreth by King Duncanthrax in 660 GUE, Largoneth stood deserted for many years, until the evil warlock Krill assumed residence there as a base from which to assume world control. During this period Krill made several structural changes in the castle and used magic to ruin its once-beautiful appearance.

Krill's control over Largoneth ended in the tenth century, when a novice magician defeated at his stronghold in the castle.