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King Mumberthrax the Insignificant was a king of Quendor of the Flathead Dynasty. The Flatheads excel in procreation, and he sired twelve amazing children from 723 to 748 GUE.

In 755 GUE he became King of Quendor. His magnificent offspring transformed the kingdom. He appointed his prodigal son Frank Lloyd Flathead to design a new wing for Castle Egreth (which collapsed a few years later).

His offspring, the Twelve Flatheads, were considered 12 of his Thirteen Significant Accomplishments who (according to Boswell Barwell) secured his place in history. His thirteenth Accomplishment was his proclaiming Double Fanucci as the National Sport of Quendor in 757 GUE, giving official approval.

His first son, Dimwit Flathead, inherited his kingdom.

Preceded by:
Phloid Flathead
Flathead Dynasty
755 GUE - 770 GUE
Followed by:
Dimwit Flathead

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