John paul
John Paul Flathead (738–789) was a son of King Mumberthrax and one of the Twelve Flatheads. He was the second John in the family after John D. Flathead, because, as their father admitted in his autobiography, he simply had forgot about John D. Thus he suffered from an inferiority complex which made him determined to become a world-famous seafaring adventurer.

He loved boats so much that the royal carpenters were ordered to make a flotilla of 1400 vessels for his bathtub, which was also enlarged to the size of an inland sea.

John Paul's feats were courageous and/or curious. He was the first person to traverse the Great Sea in a one-man ship and also set a new record for the most circumnavigations of Antharia on a raft, towed by groupers.

At the age of 28 he joined the royal navy. In the following 5 years he became the ranking admiral. By the following 2 years every ship in the navy had been sunk or lost.

He spent his retirement touring the Flathead Ocean collecting curios and unusual pets, like Otto the blue toad with his extraordinary appetite and his curmudgeonly personality.

During a vacation in Grubbo-by-the-Sea in 789 GUE, his old nemesis, the great white jellyfish, killed him, fulfilling the Curse of Megaboz.