Irony soap

Irony Soap from Rebecca Snoot's kitchen

Irony Soap is a popular soap in Zork. Not only is it good for personal hygiene, but many Zorkians use it as well in their kitchens for heavy duty work. It is rumored that one of the pieces of the Flying Disc of Frobozz (particularly the one the Waif once owned) was washed with this soap; thus influencing the outcome of the Second Great Diffusion and making it an indirect part of Zork's history. However, the nameless Sweepstakes Winner never confirmed this to be true.

Time has taken a toll on this particular "legend", skeptics believe the rumors to have been "made-up" by the manufacturers of the soap, in hopes to boost sales. Coincidentally the rumors played a direct role in the increased sales since they began to circle around Zork like fired-up Single-shot Accardian Pistol gunpowder.

Irony Soap: Are the rumors true?Edit

The whereabouts of the nameless Rufus Rooper's Sweepstakes Winner are unknown. It is said that Rebecca Snoot once commented to Mrs. Peepers that the Sweepstakes Winner used her soap, and was pleased to know the individual was a fairly clean person. Again, this is considered to be another rumor; neither Rebecca nor Mrs. Peepers have confirmed this to be true.

Perhaps the strongest pieces of evidence were part of some known publications about the son of Cliff Robinson. Cliff himself confessed he gave the piece of disc disguised as a mud-encrusted rock to his son —the Waif— for "good luck"; when the Sweepstakes Winner went to the Chuckles Comedy Club:

"In 1647 GUE, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner befriended the scared waif, gifting him with a pair of tickets to Dizzy World. This managed to cheer him up considerably, and in exchange he rewarded the adventurer with his pet rock. This disc piece was one of six forged into the Flying Disc of Frobozz and thus the child was indirectly responsible for the defeat of Morphius."

However, there's a missing link of information: How did the mud-encrusted rock become a piece of the legendary Flying Disc of Frobozz? Everyone knows the piece of disc had been disguised by Cliff Robinson:

"He gave his son one of them, disguised as a mud-encrusted rock, for good luck just before he climbed up the rope to escape."

Who was the first to say that Irony Soap was used to aid cleaning of the mud-encrusted rock? Did the Sweepstakes Winner use water in conjunction with the soap to generate soap bubbles? Did the Sweepstakes Winner scrub it? Did the Sweepstakes Winner use a rag, or a napkin to help? How did the Sweepstakes Winner dry the piece of disc? How can we tell for sure? It seems, it will always remain a mystery.

Notable Zorkians known to have used Irony SoapEdit

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