Gustar woomax
Gustar Woomax was an author and loremaster. He was also known as the Chronicler of Magic.

Gustar Woomax was born in Greater Borphee in 880 GUE. He attended G.U.E. Tech from 907 GUE to 911 GUE. The fact that his favorite author was Bizboz probably inspired his writing on magic and history. His Double Fanucci handicap is 620, and his favorite saying is: "If history can teach us the difference between good and bad magic, it can teach us anything."

Woomax was present at the Great Conclave of Guildmasters in 966 GUE, when it was decided to preserve the knowledge of Magick in the Coconut of Quendor. Despite his familiarity with Coconut lore, Woomax was skeptical of Y'Gael's plan involving the Coconut, due to the sheer improbability of the plan's success.


(For a reprinting of this work, please see Appendix D on magic.)