Gurthark the Stout was a merchant who worked for his brother-in-law, Mirik the Lean. As a boy, he was quiet but bossed by everyone else, like his mother and older sister. He found consolation in the wealth he was amassing. He was given a lowly position in Mirik's mercantile firm.

Once, he was entrusted to carry a load of silk coverlets to the south and carried Acia along the way. Gurthark was so shy that blushed when Acia talked to him. He also had hired Ryker the scout, to protect the goods. On the road, he met Frobwit the Fair and his apprentice, Dirin who were going to the Sorcerers' Convention at Accardi-by-the-Sea.

That night, they camped not far from Egreth Castle. While there, Ryker fetched a boy, Lim, lost in the woods. He proposed to carry him with them, and Lim would take care of the packing animals.

While they slept, they were alerted by Lim. Ryker was unconscious and Acia and Dirin were missing. Frobwit said it was a work of the inhabitants of the Castle and Ryker suggested to go and rescue Acia. Gurthark insisted staying behind but Frobwit persuaded him that they could find riches.

Leaving Lim behind, they stumbled upon a band of Gaunts who went back to the camp to steal the cloaks, looking for the Amulet of Egreth. Frobwit attempted to transform them into bozberry bushes but accidentally transformed themselves; unfortunately bozberries are the Gaunts favorite treat but luckily their leader pressed them on the task, leaving the bushes alone. Then Frobwit used magic to enlarge a bucket so that they can sail across the moat to the Castle. Meanwhile, a Gaunt had worn Gunthark's cloak of many pockets.

Once they climbed to a window, Ryker told Gurthark to look for Acia at the lower levels of the Castle. While searching, Gurthark found a room where treasure was hoarded. He carried as much treasure as he could. On his way out, he saw Acia hunted by a troll guard, escaping her prison. Hesitating, he threw a goblet to the troll's head leaving it unconscious. After they ran together to lose the trolls, Acia fell asleep, and summoned by Radnor in a smoke bubble.

Looking for Acia, Gurthark once more found the hoard. In there however, he found a crystal ball, which actually contained Radnor's essence, teleported there by Frobwit. Then, he saw all treasure moving and displaced, going to its rightful place, the treasury of the Castle, being a spell of Thorman's spirit who lifted the curse. After gathering as much gold as he could, Gurthark was teleported near his friends once more.