Gurth City is the capital of Gurth Province. It is nestled in between mountains, a forest, and the Fields of Frotzen.

It is noted mainly for massive markets, where one can find anything from spell scrolls to fish cakes stuffed with morgia root.

Chocolate Truffles have been found mainly in forests near Gurth City.

Sites of interestEdit

  • A local branch of Ye Olde Magick Shoppe which carried, at one time, one of the few remaining relics from the city of Phee, the Hourglass of Phee, known to give control over time itself by manipulating it in the proper location in Phee.
  • The King Zilbo Hotel, the best lodging in the city as shown by research. Every guest is treated like a feltnid.
  • Int'l Curios (Int'l Curios, Inv, 28 Volcano View Ln., Gurth City, GTH-3791).
  • The Gurth City Crafts Fair, held every weekend during the spring, where 80 guilds display their finest products for selling.

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