Gumboz the Magnificent was an old magician of the central regions near Pheebor. He resided as hermit, in a small shack in Fublio Valley.

Apparently he had a very sick sense of humore, as he protected his valuables with a spell that would cause anybody incapable of halting the magic to starve to death.

He had an elfin sword.

Once, a porcupine, fell and landed through his thatched roof into his hut. The porcupine transformed back into Frobwit the magician, telling him that he was carried on the air by corbies.

Gumboz said that he did not change him into a porcupine and tended his wounds. He said that corbies don't exist in this area and they were probably a work of dark magic. He donned him his sword for protection that would glow to warn him of danger and a bag of provisions.

The next morning he bid him farewell and continued his way to Accardi.

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