Enchanter hall

The G.U.E. Tech's School of Enchantment

Greater Borphee Province, nicknamed the Industrial Province, encompasses 754 bloits2. A total of 1,107,810 people live in this huge province. Its capital is Borphee.

It has a very moderate coastal climate with humid summers and a winter dominated by the rainy season. Travel by ferry is easy and cheap thanks to the Borphee River.

The province boasts some of the most beautiful beaches. "Beach Blanket Fanucci' was filmed in the dunes near Flathead Beach.

Government in this region is quite a baffling system. The city of Borphee itself is run by an elected mayor. The Province is administered by a staff of part-time volunteer managers, whose decisions are ratified at least three times a year, but not more than every other week, by a series of local forums. Those who purport to know say that these forums have resulted in Greater Borphee County Penal Codes, the recitation of which could bore a listener to death.