Great Void is the infinite empty space that surrounds the world.

It is one of the major tenets of Brogmoidism that the Great Brogmoid "saveth us from plunging into the Great Void."

One of the major discoveries of the year 883 GUE was the fact that the Great Void is not entirely empty since other worlds do indeed exist below and above this one, supported by a presumably infinite string of Brogmoids. One who would attempted to jump off the bottom of the world, would fall to a new, wondrous world where purple forests surround lakes of molten rock, volcanoes belch green-blue smoke into the sky, and enormous slug-shaped creatures, a bloit long, engage in fierce combat.

The Head of the Circle of Enchanters in 966 GUE found a strange environ filled with living rocks that devoured metal for nourishment.