It is unclear when the Granola Mines of Antharia got discovered but it was in 665 GUE, when the forces of Duncanthrax vanquished the Antharian Armada at the famous battle of Fort Griffspotter. The island-nation of Antharia was, at the time, the world’s premier sea power, and this victory gave Duncanthrax undisputed control of the Great Sea and Antharia’s famed Granola Mines. Unfortunately, no one in Quendor liked granola, so they weren't thrilled; they considered granola absolutely useless.

Eventually, Quendor’s navy was returning from voyages with tales of a magical land on the distant eastern shore of the Great Sea. Duncanthrax got curious about this land that existed outside his dominion, and spent many nights storming the halls of his castle bellowing at his servants and advisers. Then, one day, he had a sudden inspiration: assemble a huge fleet, cross the Great Sea and conquer the lands on the eastern shore. Not only would he extend his empire, but he’d finally have a market for all that useless granola.

As Duncanthrax’s invasion swept across the new lands, he made a startling discovery: huge caverns and tunnels, populated by gnomes, trolls and other magical races, all of whom loved granola.

Ralph Waldo Flathead spent about 5 years in the granola mines of Antharia where he wrote an epic of 60000 verses about the varieties of moss in granola mines, his longest work.

Granola RiotsEdit

The granola mines in northern Antharia once supplied seemingly limitless quantities of granola. Since the Granola Riots of 16 Estuary 865 GUE, the causes of which are not clearly known, the output of the mines has fallen sharply.

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