G.U.E. Tech is the most prestigious engineering school in the land of Borphee, the newest of the Moss-League Colleges. It is advertised on matchboxes.

It produces the young Enchanters of tomorrow. Students in the School of Enchantment either take classes in well-known Enchanter Hall or go through a 12 week "Learn-at-Home" course. According to recent statistics, over 70% of GUE Tech graduates find careers in magic-related guilds. Many even go on to start their own magic companies, and have become an identifiable subculture known as "Yuppies", or "Young Underground Professionals."

G.U.E. Tech's resident researchers have always been on the cutting edge of magic technology. In 957 GUE the university's Spell Science Lab was heavily involved in research with highly GNUSTOreceptive paper which it hoped would be sensitive enough to allow even the most ancient and mighty spell to be copied. The results of this research were never revealed.

G.U.E. Tech is also well-known for its MDL degree in Paper Shuffling, which is advertised as a program that could lead its graduates to really big zorkmids. Alumni included Mr. Anderson and Dr. Blank.

In late spring, G.U.E. Tech holds its annual Spelling Bee, which is free and open to the public.