Froon is a magical legendary kingdom; its legend date back before the foundation of Quendor.

As a location, it was the setting for a series of children's books by L. Frank Fzort, and later became a successful movie musical starring Judy Garlic.

In 966 GUE a peasant-turned-adventurer had the odd experience of being transported by a tornado to Froon discovering thus that there is truth behind the legend. Quite by accident he won the gratitude of the natives by killing the Heeled One, a boot who had tormented the people of Froon for over 300 years. Grope, Mayor of the City of Froon, offered the adventurer one of three of the keys to the Kingdom of Froon. These sparse details are all that is known of this strange, hidden land.

In Froon apparently no one is taller than two feet.