The Frobozz Philharmonic Orchestra was formed in 732 GUE which settled for playing baroque versions of old folk tunes and popular dance numbers, because of the woeful lack of orchestral music in existence.

Seven years later, the FPO performed their first symphony by the precocious eleven-year-old Johann Sebastian Flathead.

The history of the FPO, and of classical music itself, became more and more entwined with the life of Johann himself. The public attendance of the FPO mysteriously declined as Johann's symphonies increased in length. Now considered to be the definitive piece in classical music, his Symphony 981, the so-called Infinite Symphony, contained over 60,000 movements; over the course of its only performance, several members of the orchestra retired and were replaced by their children or grandchildren.

Fatalities like J.S.F's death probably explain the general decline in popularity of classical music.