Frobozzco building
The FrobozzCo World Headquarters Building was the 400-story building of FrobozzCo International in Flatheadia, during its financial explosion.

Its address is: FrobozzCo Bldg, Flatheadia, FRV-9179

It was constructed by the F.M. Construction Co. in 781 GUE. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Flathead and was easily the tallest, most impressive building in all of Quendor.

It was located eastwards to the Flatheadia village. Its basement was connected to the Frobozz Philharmonic Hall and contained a key-shaped button. Behind it was an alley leading to a small Magic Shop.

The building was designed to be regular. Each floor had four Office, towards each point of direction. The building stairwells were overcrowding and employees were dismissed early for "stair-climbing" time. To relieve this, Spaulding Flathead (7nth Asst. Bldg. Mgr.) announced a new policy according to which officers and employees who work above the 75th floor to be give teleportation tokens. However those were not dismissed early.

Frank Lloyd Flathead's offices were to the south of the 19th floor. He left his t-square there.

In 883 GUE the Curse of Megaboz destroyed Flatheadia, forcing FrobozzCo to relocate their headquarters to Borphee.

The First Dungeon Master, indirectly caused the destruction of the building and was rewarded by Megaboz with a controlling share of FrobozzCo's stock.