Frigid river valley

The Deepest Province of the Great Underground Empire. It has a population of 98330 and covers 15322 (or 15232) bloits2 between coastal forests to the west and the Flathead Mountains to the east. The Frigid River with its severe currents and dangerous rapids, empties at its southern end. Its delta is a mazelike bayou. The easiest way to find this region is by flying carpet.

Its capital is Aragain Falls (the "Honeymoon Capital") near Flood Control Dam #3, and busiest seaport is Port Foozle. Another important location is the Royal Museum.

The weather of the area is unpredictable, however most of its inhabited portion lies underground. Lodgings and businesses include the Tunnels of Love near Aragain Falls, and the Cliffhouse, near the White Cliffs Beach, the Roundup and the Aqueduct.

  • National flower: The Budding Fern
  • Motto: Blipi burz fliggin (Dig we must)