Frank lloyd
Frank Lloyd Flathead (741–789) was a son of King Mumberthrax and one of the Twelve Flatheads. When playing with building blocks with his siblings, he drew plans before building.

When he was only 17, his father commissioned him to design a new wing for Castle Egreth. The result was breathtaking, which he himself described as the "conjunction of space and time" that interface in a "pre-subjected instantiation of the underrepresented whole". He became the hottest architect in Quendor.

Two years later the wing collapsed killing over 4000 royal guests. This was credited to a miscalculation by the stonemason, who was summarily executed.

For 3 decades he was Official Court Architect, designing virtually every important building in the Kingdom, such as his vacation chalet in the Gray Mountains, the Great Meeting Hall of the Enchanters' Guild in Borphee, and of course the 400-story FrobozzCo HQ in Flatheadia, the most ambitious building ever designed or built, which was claimed to be seen from every part in the world. Frank Lloyd himself had a penthouse office, but his acrophobia forced him to relocate to the southern office on the 19th floor.

He died in 789 GUE, a result of carcinogenic chemicals used to create blueprints, along with the Curse of Megaboz.