Lord Feepness was an advisor to Dimwit Flathead, the voice of sanity and moderation.

In 777 GUE Dimwit planned to build a Royal Museum under 2 miles of mountain and surrounded by 500 feet of steel. Historical evidence suggests that Feepness deterred Dimwit from this extreme plan, but was less successful in other matters.

When Dimwit conceived of a massive underground flood control dam with thousands of gates, Lord Feepness asked the king, Wouldn't that be just a tad excessive? These words of wisdom were ignored.

The 14th of Mumberbur, 789 GUE hours before Dimwit died, the king conceived of a plan to construct a new continent, whose outline and contours would be a gigantic reproduction of his own visage. However, the empire simply did not have enough money to build it, and Lord Feepness pointed out that raising the tax rate from 98% to 100% simply would not be a wise political move.