Enchanter is a user of magic who graduates an accredited Thaumaturgical College. An Enchanter is given a spell book with a few spells, none of which has great power. As an Enchanter continued his or her studies, new spells may be obtained; these may be copied into a spell book for use whenever the occasion warrants.

An Enchanter must memorize a spell written in a spell book before casting it. (Spells on scrolls and those which have been permanently etched in the memory by training needn't be memorized.) Moreover, if an Enchanter needs to use a particular spell twice, it must be memorized twice, since the effort of casting it makes it a jumble in one's memory. In fact, even a night's sleep will make an Enchanter forget any memorized spells.

In spite of the rigors of spell casting, the personal rewards are great, and the job of Enchanter remains a popular and well-respected vocation.

Sorcerer is perhaps the highest rank of Enchanters.

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