Elvis Flathead was an artist who made the popular music reach its peak.

Around 789 GUE, while Dimwit Flathead built his statue, Flathead’s men were told to memorize the last line of the popular Zorkian anthem, "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hellhound" which goes "You ain’t no friend of mine". This signal would distinguish Flathead’s undercover men from the local marauders of the Frigid River Valley rioters.

But when it came right down to swordpoint (who knows the last line to that song, anyways?) With his men stammering "You ain’t nothin’ but a Hellhound," which is the first line, Lord Dimwit lost 3000 of his best men, and vowed to make Elvis Flathead required listening for his troops in the future.

However there must be some history glitch here, since his first concert was much later, in 841 GUE. Afterwards, fans would flock to see "the King" sway back and forth to smash hits such as "You ain't nothing but a hellhound", and "Love Is Blind."


Elvis imitators abound, and those aspiring stars who cannot sing quite as well as Elvis did can be found in Borphee every winter, in The From Bad to Worst Songfest

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