Dalboz of Gurth

Dalboz Lamp

Enchanter Dungeon Master
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Dalboz of Gurth was the third Dungeon Master. He was imprisoned in a lamp by Mir Yannick, The Grand Inquisitor. He graduated from GUE Tech in the Class of 966 GUE He appears in Zork: Grand Inquisitor.


  • Dalboz was voiced by Michael McKean
  • Dalboz is seemingly capable of entering Time Tunnels through the Yastard spell, but refuses, saying he has already tried the whole time travel thing
  • Casting Lidibo on Dalboz after Booznik is cast will have him respond by calling you uglier than before
  • Dalboz has a comment about most objects you take a closer look at
  • Dalboz breaks the fourth wall by warning the player to save the game when first playing Old Scratch