The Cubes of Foundation are thirteen small white cubes, used when the foundations of the world were laid down, representing the elemental powers and forces. The cubes were merged with the forces, and, when the making was done, were hidden away so that their powers could not be tampered with.

Cube of Foundation

One of the Cubes as seen in the wizard Belboz's Magicatronic message

Unfortunately, in the 966 GUE, the evil Shadow of the Head of the Circle of Enchanters gained access to several of these cubes. Almost immediately he was able to affect great changes in the workings of magic. In order to seize control of the universe, he was able to trick the Head of the Circle to unknowingly gather these cubes from all corners of the known world and beyond.

This shadow-being then attempted to meld all of the cubes into one, in order to give him power over the forces of the universe. The Head of the Circle was able to prevent this from taking place, but he was unable to prevent the alteration of the cubes in such a way that destroyed the fabric of magic, bringing thus an end to the Age of Magic.

The next attempt might lead to the destruction of the entire universe as we know it.

The CubesEdit

The cubes represent the thirteen aspects of the Universe. Since the cubes look identical, they are signified by images of various animals, which appear on the surface of a special chest when a cube is inserted into it.

  • Earth (moles)
  • Water (dolphins)
  • Air (eagles)
  • Fire (salamanders)
  • Life (rabbits)
  • Death (worms)
  • Light (fireflies)
  • Dark (grues)
  • Change (butterflies)
  • Connectivity (spiders)
  • Mind (owls)
  • Time (turtles)
  • Magic (unicorns)

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