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This is a list of known commands in Zork.

Move commands

Command Shortcut Action
north n Move north
south s Move south
east e Move east
west w Move west
northeast ne Move northeast
northwest nw Move northwest
southeast se Move southeast
southwest sw Move southwest
up u Move up
down d Move down
look l Looks around at current location
save Save state to a file
restore Restores a saved state
restart Restarts the game
verbose Gives full description after each command
score Displays score and ranking
diagnostic Give description of health
brief Give a description upon first entering an area
superbrief  Never describe an area
quit Quit game
climb climbs(up)
g last common
go(direction) go towards direction(west/east/north/south/in/out/into)
in/into in to the place(window,...)
out go out of the place(kitchen,...)
hi/hello say hello...
fuck/shit/damn Random Comment e.g. : Such language in a high-class establishment like this!
i inventory
(None) I beg your pardon?

Item commands

Command (Argument) Action
get/take (item) Removes item from current room; places it in your inventory
get/take all takes all takeable objects in room
throw (item) at (location) Throws the item at something
open (container) Opens the container, whether it is in the room or your inventory
open (exit) Opens the exit for travel
read (item) Reads what is written on readable item
drop (item) Removes item from inventory; places it in current room
put (item) in (container) Removes item from inventory; places it in container
turn (control) with (item) Attempts to operate the control with the item
turn on (item) Turns on the item
turn off (item) Turns the item off
move (object) Moves a large object that cannot be picked up
attack (creature) with (item) Attacks creature with the item
examine (object) Examines, or looks, at an object or item or location
inventory Shows contents of Inventory
eat Eats item (specifically food)
shout Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!
close [Door] Closes door
tie (item) to (object) ties item to object
pick (item) take/get item
kill self with (weapon) Humorously commits suicide
break (item) with (item) Breaks item
kill (creature) with (item)   Attacks creature with the item
pray  when you are in temples...

drink an item

             smell                                                      smell an item

Wand Comands (only if the wand is in your possesion)

fall makes the target fall when they move

float makes an object float

freeze makes target unable to move

fence makes target unable to leave the room

fierce makes the target angry

ferment makes target drunk

fear makes target afraid and run from the room

feeble makes target weak and unable to carry much or fight

fumble reduces target's carrying capacity and ocasionaly makes them drop items

filch steals from the target

fantasize makes target hallucinate

fireproof makes the target fireproof

fry destroys target

fudge "a strong odor of chocolate permeates the room"

fluoresce makes an object glow with light

free frees the target; the genie uses this if you give him the chance




Thanks for playing this game!

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