Christmas tree monster
Christmas Tree Monsters are luminous vegetables that roam freely amid the glacial valleys of the south and migrate during autumn, when the trees cheerfully trample everything in their path.

Christmas tree monsters are repelled by caterpillars, but nobody can explain why. The most recent sighting of these creatures was in 966 GUE, when a horde of 69,105 of the creatures descended on Thriff village. For a few days the village was protected by magic glyphs designed by the enchanter Orkan, but then a nearby volcanic eruption caused the entire horde to burn to death. Tree Revenge is a 2019 film about the Penners at a Christmas feast when suddenly without warning, The Christmas Trees was supposedly liked to not warn people, but then Christmas Trees are Satan's trees, they came to life by slaughtering people, The story was told by Santa Claus, Santa realized Christmas trees are in Swedish folklore, Christmas trees are in a demonic way, At church, the Penners were eager to find a Christmas tree, But the Christmas trees are attacking Evrett and Santa Claus tried to save him, but angry Count Von Tree was angry with humans, the humans think Christmas trees would return to hell. Santa was told that he should never go into the tree farm. Santa warns Evrett not to go to the tree farm. If he goes into the tree farm, He will think Christmas trees would attack him. In the end of the movie, Christmas trees were chopped off by Santa Claus, and sended the Christmas trees returned to hell forever and everything returned to normal in the Penners life and Santa too.