Bozbarland is a futuristic fantasy amusement partk in Westlands, situated along the Western Branch of the GUH-2 near Egreth Castle and the Bozbarbo Village. It is open all year and admission is 1 Zorkmid.

It contains over 200 rides, games and exhibits, such as

  • Soakem' Flume: the largest log boat ride in the world
  • Haunted House: authentic haunted house with imported ghosts, goblins, spooks, spirits and every kind of apparition.
  • Roller Coaster with Pinwheels: a combination of magic and engineering
  • Bozbarland Casino: Roulette, Double Fanucci, burfle, blackjack etc
  • Gourmet Snack Bars and refreshment stands with cotton candy, dragon burgers and fried glurz