Babe Flathead (748–789) was an Athletic Superstar, a son of King Mumberthrax and the youngest of the Twelve Flatheads. Despite the 25-year difference with his eldest brother, Dimwit Flathead, they were closest of all the siblings.

He was born with an aptitude for sport, as he threw baby blocks at his siblings with impressive speed and accuracy. Thanks to his uncle, Mayor Fiorello Flathead, he was always captain of the Little League teams during his youth.

As a teenager, he was a lady's man and a party animal and after each infraction, Dimwit would have to bail him out of jail.

Amongst many eager suitors, Babe selected to attend Mithicus Province University. A 43-letter man, he led his team to championships in every college sport, real or imagined, against competing schols that had their QCAA memberships revoked.

He tried bocce, tag-team kayaking, full-court furbish and excelled in everything he tried, except Double Fanucci. Even after 339 leading players disappeared mysteriously, even then he could not enter the championships. He could not remember that 3 undertrumps after an opponent's discard of a Trebled Fromp is an indefensible gambit.

In 782 GUE Dimwit constructed Flathead Stadium, the kingdom's largest sporting arena, in his honor. He participated to the shark-wrestiling semi-finals of 789 GUE, when he was killed, thanks to the Curse of Megaboz.