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The Amulet of Egreth was a magic item that magnified one's power for good or evil.

It belonged to Thorman the Red-beard. When his daughter died, he weakened and threw the Amulet from his turret, wishing to reach his granddaughter in the Northlands.

Throwing it, the amulet fell in the river and swallowed by a carp, which then was eaten by a raccoon. It spit it and an owl saw it glittering, grasped and carried it to the Northlands. It did reach its destination since an orphan girl called Lia saw it among the leaves and wore it. It helped her evolve magic powers. But her stepparents were afraid of her and thought giving her to the Green Magicians. Then Lia was disguised as a boy called "Lim" for the larger towns in the Southlands.

While she traveled near Egreth Castle, she met the caravan of Gurthark the Stout. Among them, a girl called Acia, made notice of the amulet. When they fell to sleep, Lim was approached by Acia, who asked him for his amulet, however she was denied. Later that night however, Acia approached once more and took the amulet.

Much later, Acia approached Lim again and stole the amulet while he was sleeping, and returned to her bed; unfortunately then she was spotted by the necromancer Radnor who looked for that very amulet, and believed that Acia is Thorman's granddaughter; he sent Night Gaunts for her. However when she fell asleep, the amulet fell from her on the ground. When the gaunts brought Acia to Rodnar, she had no amulet.

Radnor sent the Gaunts again to the camp and search all clothes. The camp was empty since all of them went after Acia. One gaunt found the amulet which started to affect its enchanted head, and started to remember its freedom. As it returned however, the amulet fell once more in a corridor of the castle. When it was inquired by Radnor (who had seen in his crystal ball that this Gaunt held the amulet), it denied having it, and was killed.

The lost amulet was found by Dirin who looked for Acia. It helped him find Lim captured by hobgoblins. Dirin and Lim resumed their search and found Ryker unconscious, being hit during the battle of Frobwit and Radnor. The three of them approached and Dirin used the amulet to weaken Radnor, to Lim's surprise since it was hers. Then Radnor summoned Acia and with a gentle facade, he persuaded her to fetch the amulet from Dirin. Ryker tried to grasp it from him when Radnor hit him with an evil power. The amulet then fell to Lim who was revealed to be a woman, the rightful heir of the amulet and used it to destroy Radnor.

Presumably she kept it with her while she lived with Dirinthrax.